Monday, February 25, 2013

Body Brushing

Body brushing- I do this ritual every morning before showering but you could do it after showering as well. It only takes about three-five minutes and it is great for the skin and body! This is done on dry skin. The brushing activates glands that work to naturally moisturize your body. It works to remove the top layer of dead  skin that is sitting on your skin and improves the flow of blood and circulation in the body.  I have noticed since I started doing it a few months ago, my legs and arms look like I have been tanning (which I haven't).  It makes for a glowing complexion.  It is even said to reduce the appearance of cellulite!

How to:
Use a body brush ( I bought mine at Kohl's for 10 dollars) and brush your whole entire body besides your chest and your face because these areas are to sensitive for the brush. Brush each part of your body and make sure you brush in the direction towards your hard. Don't skip any body parts! Brush gently at first because it will take your body some time to get used to it! Once you get used to it, you can begin to brush a little harder (but never scrub).
Then just hop in the shower and enjoy all of it's benefits! :)

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