Monday, March 4, 2013

Strawberry face mask

Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants and they are a natural exfoliants.
They are perfect for acne prone and dull skin.  As with any new product on your skin, test it on your hand or neck to make sure you don't have a reaction to it!!


6-8 fresh strawberries
2 tablespoons of organic honey
1 tablespoon of oil (jojoba,  extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil etc). (optional)
2 drops of lemon essential oil or lemon juice (optional)

Apply the mask to a clean face
Mash the strawberries in a bowl until they are smooth.
Stir in the oil, honey, and lemon juice
Apply mixture to the face
Lie down and let the mask sit for 5-8 minutes
Rinse with warm water
follow with toner/moisturizer.

You can store any extra mix in the fridge  for extra use for about a week!

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